Kevin Costner in town for another great love — music

Modern West is, left to right, Park Chisolm, Teddy Morgan, Kevin Costner, Larry Cobb, Blair Forward, and John Coinman.  |  Submitted Photo
Modern West is, left to right, Park Chisolm, Teddy Morgan, Kevin Costner, Larry Cobb, Blair Forward, and John Coinman. | Submitted Photo

When deciding whether or not to get back into the music scene nearly 10 years ago, Kevin Costner had a few fears.

“I didn’t want to embarrass to myself. I wanted to bring something substantial to an audience that thought enough to come and pay,” the actor/director/musician said. “And I wanted to be judged on the music, not some clever critic who just thought to try to take me to task.”

Several albums and world tours later, Kevin Costner & Modern West continue to perform their country rock in front of sold-out audiences. Now on tour, the band will perform April 21 at the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles. Opening for the band will be Costner’s daughter, Lily.

“I’m really comfortable with the music we play … That’s why I think we’ve always been really well received,” Costner said. “This band has been received really beautifully from people, and I love that because we make it about the music, and not about me. There’s people that try to make it about me, but I’m part of a band.”

Fans can expect to hear some new material, as well as favorites from the band’s albums including “Untold Truths,” “Turn It On,” and “Where I Stand.” The band performs original songs, along with covers of favorites.

While Modern West was created in 2005, the band’s roots go back more than 20 years. That’s when Costner first met fellow musician John Coinman in an acting workshop in Los Angeles. Together with friend Blair Forward, they formed the band Roving Boy. The band had a small record deal in Japan, where they had a No. 1 single called “Simple Truth.” Over time though, as acting roles came along, they stopped performing.

“I just went off to do more acting for a thousand different reasons,” Costner said.

With the encouragement of his wife, Christine, Costner reconnected to his love of music.

“When I decided to come back to music, I almost started with a couple other people, and actually started working with three other musicians,” he said. “They were really good, but it wasn’t the same. I was always really comfortable with John. And so I started back with John and wondered if he wanted to try this again a second time with the idea of doing original music and playing wherever I was making a movie.”

Costner, Coinman and Forward were joined by Teddy Morgan, Park Chisolm and Larry Cobb to create Modern West.

Kevin Costner & Modern West

When: 7:30 p.m. April 21

Where: The Arcada Theatre, 105 E. Main St., St. Charles

Cost: $79-$175

Contact: (630) 962-7000;


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