Bring theater-quality sound to your home with a Sonos Playbar Soundbar


If you want to create a home theater experience in your living room, the Sonos Playbar Soundbar can deliver rich Hi-Fi sound with convenient setup and sleek design. The Sonos Playbar requires only a power cord and an optical cord (both included) to connect to your television and all sources hooked up to your HDTV. The Playbar syncs wirelessly to other Sonos Speakers in the room.

Incredible sound

The Sonos Playbar Soundbar provides the Hi-Fi sound that your high definition picture deserves. With truly theater-quality sound, the Soundbar brings clear and amplified sound to your gaming and movie watching experiences while supporting a wide range of audio formats, music services and internet radio stations. For a ground-shaking bass sound, you can expand your Sonos Sound System with the wireless Sonos Sub.

Unlimited music access

When you plug in your Playbar, you will have instant access to free pre-loaded internet radio stations, seamless interaction with online music sources and connectivity to your computer allowing you to play music in any room.

Optimal user control

You will not need to worry about multiple remotes to control your sound system, as the Playbar understands most IR remote languages, so it can communicate with your television’s remote control. This easy control is paired with a versatile design that allows for wall mounting or under-television placement without a bundle of cords to stash away.

Abt Electronics can help you set up your home entertainment center with Sonos Sound and the ultimate selection of HD TVs from leading brands such as Samsung, Sony and Panasonic. For a closer look at what Abt has to offer, visit their website or call 888-228-5800 today.

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