Comparing traditional and high-lateral tension tummy tucks

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Whether you are a new mom or you have just lost a significant amount of weight, you may be frustrated with the challenge of trying to sculpt your abdominals with extra skin and stubborn fat in the way. Unfortunately, it may be impossible to eliminate belly bulge through regular exercise and diet. Tummy tuck surgery, or abdominoplasty, can offer a solution to tighten the abdominal area and give you a figure you will want to show off.

Aesthetic contours

The high lateral tension tummy tuck creates significant improvement of the waist contour, which is not achieved through the traditional abdominoplasty procedure. With more natural looking curves, it will be harder for others to identify that you have had any type of body-contouring procedure.

Front-facing results

Because the incisions of the high lateral tension tummy tuck are closed with increased tension, the whole tummy appears flatter and more toned once the healing process is complete. Traditional tummy tucks tend to provide more significant improvements in the central part of the belly.

Blood flow and healing

With a unique approach in contouring, the high lateral tension tuck preserves blood supply to the waist; this lowers the chances of complications in recovery. Because the circulation is preserved in this area, healing may also take place faster than it would with a traditional tummy tuck.

Surgical time 

The operating time is a bit longer for high lateral tension tummy tucks, but many women view this as a favorable trade-off for the improved results of the procedure. There is also a longer scar left behind from the procedure, and this can still be concealed with most swimwear or underwear.

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