Getting your child involved in a life of tennis

Tennis is a sport for life. If you are seeking a new sport for your child, you may want to consider enrolling your student in tennis lessons. Tennis lessons from an early age can help a child build their fitness, mental focus and teamwork skills. Most of all, tennis is fun for kids of all ages. Here is a look at how you can get your child involved in a life of tennis.

Benefits of tennis

Tennis instruction offers many benefits. A child can begin tennis instruction as early as 5 years of age. Tennis instruction teaches valuable fitness skills, such as hand eye coordination. In addition, the game of tennis encourages goal setting and dedication. When a child starts tennis at a young age, he or she will be prepared to enjoy the benefits of tennis for a lifetime.

Family involvement

The entire family can get involved in the sport of tennis. Whether you are an avid tennis player, or have never picked up a raquet, you and your child can enjoy the sport together. Parents are valuable sources of support and encouragement for young tennis players.

Getting started

To get your child in tennis, be sure to enroll in the appropriate ability level class. Score offers FREE no obligation evaluations to ensure that your child is in the appropriate class. The tennis instructor will make sure that tennis is fun and engaging, and will help your child build new skills as he or she progresses in the sport.

To enroll your child in tennis instruction today, be sure to contact Score Tennis & Fitness by calling 708-482-4800. The expert instructors at Score offer classes for every age and ability level.

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