How to get in tune with your heart health

When you understand your risk factors for heart disease and know the right steps in managing your heart health, you can prevent heart disease and avoid life-threatening cardiac events—including heart attack. Below is a guide to help you manage your heart health with a clearer understanding of your overall wellness.

Schedule a checkup

The risk factors for heart disease are often silent until an incident occurs, so you will want to communicate with your doctor to learn your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. During a checkup your doctor can also provide you with healthy lifestyle recommendations.

Take a risk assessment

Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare can give you a complete picture of your heart health with a free 5-minute HeartAware assessment. This online assessment is free and confidential, and it can reveal the proper screening procedures for you that may identify heart disease early on. If you start taking charge of your heart health now rather than later, you may be able to reduce your heart disease risk with lifestyle changes alone.

Follow clinical recommendations

You might ask your doctor for literature and resources related to cardiac health so that you know the clinical guidelines for exercise, diet and other important factors that contribute to your cardiac function. Visiting your doctor will be an essential part of your routine, and you should have annual checkups to stay in check with the critical numbers for your heart.

To explore Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare’s Cardiovascular Services, call 331-221-1000. You can start your HeartAware assessment or find a physician at Elmhurst Memorial by visiting their website. 

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