How to make the most of your first dance as a married couple

The first dance at your wedding reception is a time for you and your new spouse to celebrate your union while showing off as a married couple for the first time. To make your dance spectacular and avoid common mishaps on the dance floor, follow these simple steps for planning the first dance.

Customize your music

Guests at your wedding will love to see the happy couple on the dance floor, but this can easily become tiring when the first song lasts longer than four minutes. You might recut the music to fade out after two to three minutes or have the DJ welcome guests onto the dance floor with you after the first few minutes of the song.

Take dance lessons

Because all eyes will be on you, it is a great idea to brush up with professional dance lessons before you say “I do.” This way you can learn some impressive moves and dips while spending some quality time with your fiancé during hectic wedding planning.

Have a dress rehearsal

It is important to recognize the limits of your wedding dress before you plan out the dance routine. Some dresses are so large that it is hard to get close enough to your partner for dips and turns, so make sure that you will have enough room to do the routine you planned. Practicing in your formal shoes is another helpful way to keep your routine consistent from practice to the big day.

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