Improve your golf game with golf specific fitness training

Score is proud to announce their new golf specific training program. By targeting your golf game with specially designed workouts, you may notice a marked improvement in your performance on the green. Let’s take a closer look at how golf specific fitness training can help improve your golf game.

Increased speed and stamina

When you are on the golf course, it is important to maintain the speed and stamina of your swing. By incorporating golf fitness into your weekly routine, you will be able to improve your physical condition and increase the speed of your swing. You may also find that you have an improved level of stamina.

Improved shot distance

Golf specific fitness training targets the muscles that you use to swing, which can help you manage those long shots. A golf fitness program will help you to get more power behind your golf club.

Reduced risk of injury

By participating in a golf fitness program on a regular basis, you can also help to reduce your risk of injury. Score’s golf fitness program can help you improve your flexibility and strength, which will prepare you mentally and physically for your next game. By boosting your overall fitness levels between games, you will get the most out of your time on the course.

Contact Score Tennis and Fitness to learn more about the benefits of taking part in a golf specific fitness program. The highly knowledgeable instructors at Score Tennis and Fitness will help you improve your game. For more information about the fitness classes that Score offers in the Chicago area, call 708-482-4800.

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