Sports psychology and the psychology of winning

When a player hits the tennis court, he or she is typically focused on winning. At Score Tennis & Fitness students learn sports psychology skills to help them focus on the mindset needed for success. To be successful in the sports world, it is essential to learn from both successes and defeats. Here is a look at some of the tools used by sports psychologists to help coach players to a win.


Imagery is an important tool in the world of sports psychology. With imagery, the players visualize themselves performing a certain task to perfection. For example, the player can visualize a perfect backswing or an expertly placed serve. These visualizations help create successes on the tennis court.


In sports psychology, motivation is a term that can be used to describe both internal and external motivations. An example of an external motivator would be a trophy or a medal for winning a game. Internal motivations include personal goals and feelings of triumph or success.

Attention and focus

Tennis players must learn how to focus their attention on the game at hand. A coach can use principles of sports psychology to help the player tune out distractions. By honing their attention, players are able to perform their very best during a game.

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