Spotlight on cardiac care at Edward Heart Hospital

Edward Heart Hospital represents nationally certified excellence having been named one of America’s top hospitals for cardiac care by Cardiac Surgery and Coronary Intervention and Thomson Reuters. The continued excellence of this specialized center is maintained by a dedicated and diverse staff trained in the latest technologies available for patient care. Here is a closer look at what Edward Heart Hospital does to promote better heart health in the Naperville and Plainfield communities.

Combating heart disease

From screening and prevention to diagnostics with the latest cardiac imaging procedures to cardiac rehabilitation, Edward Heart Hospital provides superior care to fight heart disease. On average, more than 25 percent of heart attack survivors die within one year of the initial cardiac episode. To combat this, Edward has designed a cardiac rehabilitation program that focuses on patient education and ongoing support through three distinct phases of recovery—including long-term maintenance.

Educating patients

Prevention is an essential tool in the fight against heart disease, and this begins with thorough patient education. Edward Heart Hospital is proud to be a leader in patient education and heart disease screening with resources like their Heart Aware Center. This begins with an online heart risk assessment and Ultra-Fast Heart Scan, which will pinpoint any weaknesses in your cardiac health to make way for the right lifestyle changes and medical interventions.

Keeping up with new technologies

When it comes to diagnostics and life-saving treatment for heart disease, Edward Heart Hospital remains dedicated to the most advanced technologies. Some of the technologies featured in the cath-lab are only offered at a handful of hospitals throughout the country.

To learn more about Edward Heart Hospital or get started on your Heart Aware assessment, visit their website today. You can also connect with Edward Hospital by calling 630-527-3000 to speak with a nurse or member of support staff about your cardiac care needs.

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