Tennis: The sport of a lifetime

Junior tennis players can enjoy a lifetime of fitness and recreational opportunities. Since tennis is both mentally and physically demanding, tennis classes will help a child develop important skills that will prove useful for a lifetime. Enrolling in tennis classes during the early years will help a child build a solid foundation for their mental, physical and social skills. Let’s take a look at some of the developmental benefits of youth tennis classes.

Physical skills

A child will develop many important physical skills through the game of tennis. Tennis helps increase hand to eye coordination, motor control skills, and, a high level of physical coordination between arms and legs. By playing tennis, a child will benefit from an increased level of strength, stamina and cardiovascular fitness.

Mental skills

Junior players will develop mental and physical skills. Tennis requires a high level of focus and concentration from each player in the game. A child will develop complex game strategies. Plus, tennis requires a high level of focused concentration.

Social skills

Tennis helps a child develop important social skills. Junior players will develop a sense of personal accountability for their actions. Additionally, a child must interact responsibly and respectfully with opponents on the court.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in Junior tennis classes, be sure to contact Score Tennis and Fitness. Score offers weekly Junior classes for students ages 12 and under, and the instructors at Score will help your child develop a love for the sport. To learn more about how you can enroll your child in the Chicago area, call 708-482-4800. 

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