The sellers’ guide to home staging

Home staging can make a big impact on how fast your home sells, so it is important to recognize what buyers are looking for and how to bring that out in your house. Working with a real estate agent is the best way to ensure that you have staged your home to look its best, but there are some basics that are helpful for sellers to know.

Clean spaces

Cleanliness is essential for home staging, so you might start the moving process early by getting rid of unwanted items or putting unused boxes and clutter in storage before you put your house on the market. Buyers want to walk into a clean home where they can aspire to live, rather than a cluttered space that feels too “lived in.”

Open living areas

Openness is a desirable feature in homes, as people enjoy rooms that flow into one another. To maximize your living space, you might remove any temporary barriers between rooms and create a more free-flowing area in the kitchen and living room.

Clean slate design

It is important to keep the design of your home fairly minimal so that it is like a blank slate for buyers to add their own personal style. You will want to keep the essentials, but eliminate décor that may be off-putting to certain buyers. It may also be necessary to rethink paint colors if you have rooms painted in loud, bold colors. Your walls do not need to be completely white, but muted tones will be best for prospective buyers to view.

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