Tips for selecting the right school for your child

Photo courtesy of St. Cletus School

Photo courtesy of St. Cletus School

The schools your child attends early in life can shape their beliefs and set the course for their entire life. With a strong educational foundation, your child may have more opportunities in higher education and beyond. Therefore, the choice of where your child should attend school is not one to be made quickly. Here is a look at the points you will want to consider as you decide where to send your child for elementary school.

Look beyond academics

Once you have narrowed your choices through an academic lens, you will want to think about what else a school can offer your child. Spiritual education may be important to you, and this is only offered through private schools. You may also be in search of a school with a sense of community among its students and their parents, which results in higher success rates for everyone at the school.

Pay attention to test scores

One indicator of a school’s performance is their test scores in standardized exams. High test scores are typically associated with features like healthy extracurricular programs and small class sizes, which are important to the whole development of your child.

Explore payment options

If you are held back from a private education because of the cost of tuition, you may look into options such as scholarships, financial aid, and payment plans. There are many solutions to help you fit private school into your household budget, so you should not let the numbers scare you off from the right school for your child.

St. Cletus School in LaGrange can provide your child with a rich academic foundation paired with Catholic influence that will encourage moral and spiritual development in your young student. For a closer look at St. Cletus School’s programs for students from preschool to 8th grade, visit their website or call 708-352-4820.

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