Top kitchen trends to consider for your custom home

The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home, and it may be the area where you spend the most time considering design aesthetics and modern features that you want to incorporate. By following some of the hot kitchen trends of 2013, you can make your kitchen a highly functional and beautiful space that will create a welcoming sense of personality in your home.

White cabinetry

White painted cabinetry has grown in popularity over the past several years, because it can flow in traditional and contemporary designs while opening the room to natural light. If you are set on natural wood tones, dark finishes are the biggest trend in newly constructed and remodeled homes.

Glass backsplashes

The design possibilities of glass backsplashes have increased dramatically as more colors and finishes are available for these solid and beautiful pieces. Whether you choose a neutral tone, bold color or frosted finish, you will have a stunning kitchen backsplash that is low-maintenance and easy to clean with the absence of grout and natural stones.

LED lighting

Not only is LED lighting high-efficiency, but it can also be used in areas that will brighten up your kitchen like never before. Under-cabinet lighting, custom track lighting and faucet lights can all add a modern edge to your kitchen without sacrificing the warmth of your lighting scheme.

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