Tracing the history of the village of Hinsdale

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The village of Hinsdale boasts more than a century of rich history. Originally known as Brush Hill, the village of Hinsdale was founded as a community that served the Chicago railroad system. As the village of Hinsdale was developed and settled, the village founders visualized a peaceful and serene setting. Today, the village of Hinsdale offers beautiful architecture and outstanding scenery. Let’s take a look back at the history of the village of Hinsdale.

Early history

The areas surrounding the village of Hinsdale were originally populated by settlers that were migrating from the shores of Lake Michigan. When it was first settled, this area was known as Brush Hill. Later, residents renamed the area Fullersburg. These early residents fell in love with the scenic beauty and peaceful atmosphere of the landscape.

Village founding

The village of Hinsdale was founded in 1862 by a man named William Robbins. Robbins set the village on 6400 acres of purchased land. When planning the development of the village of Hinsdale, Robbins planted thousands of beautiful trees. By the year 1873, Hinsdale had been officially established as a village.

Present day

Today, the village of Hinsdale continues the vision of William Robbins. Hinsdale contains beautiful architecture, thoughtfully planned streets, and elegant landscaping. Residents of the village of Hinsdale enjoy a tightly knit community and close interactions with family and friends. Covering a total area of five square miles, the village of Hinsdale is a highly sought after residential community in the Chicago area.

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