What are the benefits of a private education?

As a parent, you may wonder if investing in private school for your child is worth the cost. While all children do have different academic needs to consider, private education is generally a beneficial choice for young learners. Below is a look at a few of the distinctive advantages of attending a private school.

Sense of community

Typically private schools are smaller than public institutions, and they encourage the involvement of parents and community members in the education of their children. This provides a more welcoming atmosphere for students as well as the family members who support their education at home. There is a strong community presence in the school that creates a safer and more creative environment for students to thrive.

Superior academics

Private schools are not limited to state standards, so they are able to design curriculums that challenge students and prepare them for real-world experiences. These higher standards coupled with small class sizes produce higher test scores and academic engagement for all students enrolled.

Unique athletic and arts programs

Because private schools have more available funding for extracurricular activities, they are able to offer all-inclusive programs for sports, arts and music that are not available in public schools. The goal of these activities is to produce well-rounded students who are able to excel in a wide range of collaborative team environments.

St. Cletus School offers strong academic and athletic programs for students from preschool to 8th grade in LaGrange. With faith-based education set in small classrooms where every student is valued, St. Cletus can provide your child with a more enriching early educational experience to prepare for all of life’s challenges. 

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