What is a short incision face lift?

The aging process naturally takes a toll on the skin causing sagging, folds and wrinkles. Face lifts have been used to treat these issues for decades, and techniques have only improved to produce more aesthetically pleasing natural looking results that will fend off the effects of aging for years to come. 

Minimal incision lift

A short incision face lift involves an entry of minimal length along areas where scars will not be visible. Making incisions along the hair line is common to mask any surgical scars and achieve dramatic results in the lower areas of the face. Shorter incisions also facilitate faster healing times for patients looking to return to their regular routines quickly after surgery.

Areas of correction

With the short incision face lift, you can see beautiful tightening of the skin along the jaw line, nasolabial fold and neck. This type of correction is ideal for individuals with moderate to severe lines around the mouth, sagging skin on the neck and jowls that reduce the definition of the chin and jaw.

Candidates for surgery

Most face lift patients are over the age of 50, but the surgery can be performed at any age when skin sagging and deep lines set in. To ensure a successful recovery for your surgery, you should be in relatively good health and stop smoking for at least one month prior to your procedure.

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