What to expect when you start taking dance lessons

Many first-time dance students are not quite sure what the first few lessons will hold, but it can be helpful to know what to expect so that you are more relaxed and comfortable when you show up for class. Below is a quick guide to introductory dance lessons to help you gear up for your first class at Fred Astaire Dance Studios – Burr Ridge.

Getting acquainted with dance

Dance classes at Fred Astaire are given through private lessons for individuals or couples. In both cases, the instructor will show you some very basic steps to see how quickly you pick them up and where you are in terms of balance and rhythm. When you show up to your first class, you will want to be in comfortable clothing and leather-soled shoes that will allow you to move freely around the dance floor.

Selecting styles

Once you have learned the basics and started to get an overview of the types of dance you might use in social settings, you will be able to pick out the styles that you want to focus on most. Fred Astaire Burr Ridge curriculum includes American, Latin-American, International and Exhibition/Theater dancing. Students are often surprised at the ease of learning multiple styles at once.

Individually-paced learning

Classes given on an individual basis allow instructors to tune each lesson to your goals and abilities. Plus, you will be in a more comfortable setting where you won’t have to feel self-conscious as you work through difficult steps.

Fred Astaire Dance Studios – Burr Ridge provides several dance programs for students of skill levels from beginner to advanced. Call 630-455-0665 or visit their website today to sign up for your first class.

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