Why is now the right time to redesign your yard?



Have you been considering making changes to your outdoor space with new hardscaping projects or renovations to your lawn and garden? It may be time for you to stop dreaming about your ideal yard and make it reality, because the season is right for big outdoor changes. Here is a closer look at why you should consider outdoor upgrades now rather than later.

Cooperative spring weather

Your landscaping project will be more likely to get completed on schedule with the tame weather of spring. Plus, you can prepare for summer entertaining by finishing off your yard before your first outdoor barbecue of the year.

Perfect timing for new plants

Spring isn’t just great because of the warm weather. It is also the best season to plant new grass, flowers and trees that will thrive with long hours of sunlight. If you are thinking of adding a garden to your outdoor space, spring is a great time to plant tomatoes, herbs, and summer squash.

Rising trend of outdoor living spaces

As with any home renovation, you should consider whether or not the cost of the work is worth the long-term payoff. If you are thinking of selling your house within the next few years, an outdoor living space can significantly boost the value of your home, as this trend has been on the rise in the real estate market. Even if you aren’t moving any time soon, you might enjoy the added living space of the outdoors.

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