Why you should take dance lessons

If you have been looking for a fun new way to stay active, dance lessons may be the perfect place for you to get fit and have a great time while doing it. Dance lessons can expose you to a wide range of new moves and music as you enjoy the company of old friends or make new ones on the dance floor.

Get in great shape

Dancing engages muscles in every part of the body, improves balance and coordination and burns tons of calories. Just 30 minutes of fast-paced ballroom dancing burns between 180 and 200 calories, so it is definitely helpful for working off heavy holiday meals. Because you will probably have much more fun dancing than going to the gym, you may be more encouraged to stick to your new exercise routine for long-term results.

Learn skills worth showing off

When you can dance, you will be ready for any situation—whether you are showing off at your own wedding or attending a work event where you want to look good. Plus, dancing helps build self-confidence, so you may be a little more fearless when it comes to showing off your new moves.

Enjoy new social settings

Not only will dance classes give you a great new place to spend time, but they will provide you with the skills you need to get out and get moving. You might find yourself out dancing on weekends more often for fun and exciting date nights or great group outings.

Fred Astaire Dance Studios - Burr Ridge is the perfect place to hone your dance skills under the individual guidance of experienced instructors in a beautiful studio atmosphere. To explore the classes offered at Fred Astaire, visit their website or call them in Burr Ridge at 630-455-0665. 

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