Burr Ridge property transfers: Arcadia Court home sells for $1,952,000


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Editors Note: Content appears as it is provided in public records.

Burr Ridge 

  • 7970 S Garfield Ave, #102: Christinaliv Benner Jr Trust, Charlotte M Benner and Joseph R Gash to Timothy S Gash Sr and Adrienne M Gash for $142,500 on Sept. 10
  • 6 Arcadia Court: Edward J Ligas to Chi- cago Title Land Trust Co for $1,952,000 on Sept. 12 

Indian Head Park

  • 123 Acacia Drive, #604: Peter A Salemo and Linda L Salemo to Joseph T Hardi- man Trust and T Hardiman Joseph Trust for $170,000 on Sept. 10
  • 125 Acacia Circle, #604e: Leann G Schied, Mary A Kaufman, Anita A Sta- mat, Georgia A Stamat Trust and Stamat Trust to Jane F Boxell Trust, Jane F Boxell Trust and F Boxell Jane Trust for $189,000 on Sept. 9 


  • 364 Plainfield Road: Milka Petrovic and Zarko Petrovic to Donglei Wang for $345,000 on Sept. 13
  • 638 67th Place, #2: Margot T Kilander and Robert K Kilander to Gitana Balsys for $280,000 on Sept. 12
  • 16W425 Hillside Lane: David Mickelsen and Ingrid M Mickelsen to Jennifer R Golminas and Joseph J Golminas for $505,000 on Sept. 9
  • 7515 Sheridan Drive, #1: Juan N Chen and Ming Lin to Standard Bank and Trust Trust for $119,000 on Sept. 10
  • 601 Lake Hinsdale Drive, #512: Therese M Craig, Jeanne M Gallo and Richard E Rogala Trust to Nancy R Arrigo and Mary L Rogala for $188,000 on Sept. 9
  • 6414 Clarendon Hills Road: McN Home Sb1 LLC to Ting S Hsueh and Siew W Tan for $145,000 on Sept. 10
  • 6153 Knoll Way Drive, #6: Ivonne P Zelka to Yu Cheung and Linda LP for $73,000 on Sept. 11
  • 5 Kingery Quarter, #5: David Z Lysek, Magdalena Lysek and Lukasz Popiolek to Kyle Jendral for $65,000 on Sept. 12
  • 6190 Pinewood Court, #24: Kimberly Guiliano to Ying Guan for $62,000 on Sept. 9
  • 6188 Pinewood Court, #24: Anjali Peter- son and Don A Peterson to Suling Li and Xiangdong Zhu for $60,000 on Sept. 13 


  • 106 69th St, #5: Algis Zalanskas and Ausra Zalanskiene to Alexr Jones and Katherine Jones for $315,000 on Sept. 11
  • 6738 High Road, #5: Emily White and James E White to Raymond T Frazer for $245,000 on Sept. 13
  • 7924 Glen Lane, #4: Denice L Ryle and Thomas E Ryle to Katie Beringer and Michael Beringer for $305,000 on Sept. 13
  • 822 Comstock Lane, #12: Wells Fargo Bank to Tst Enterprises LLC for $221,000 on Sept. 9
  • 8251 Ripple Ridge, #38: Brian J Marshall to Scott A Kier for $180,000 on Sept. 13
  • 8307 Sweetwater Court, #3: Jason Prysny, Jennifer Prysny and Bernice G Vinci to Carla A Kosak and Debra Kosak for $166,000 on Sept. 12
  • 7506 Adams St: Nasreen Anwar and An- wer Saleem to Ih2 Prpty Ill for $155,000 on Sept. 13
  • 18W150 Claremont Drive, #3: Gabriel Chaidez and Stephanie Chaidez to David Klinger and Celia Porod for $280,000 on Sept. 12
  • 7106 Hudson St, #4: Mathew T Kurian Trust and John Mathew to Steven L Tar- di and Theresa M Tardi for $200,000 on Sept. 13
  • 1520 Darien Lake Drive: Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Edward H Wang and Pamela P Wang for $134,000 on Sept. 13
  • 7929 Knottingham Circle, #4: Jared L Brooks and Brianne M Kennedy-Brooks to Jacqueline Goralski for $112,000 on Sept. 13
  • 8616 Thistlewood Court: Bonita A Speck to Robert E Hahn and Sandra W Hahn for $315,000 on Sept. 10
  • 2009 S Frontage Road: Robert M Emery and Patsy von Ryan-Emery to Michael Faye and Judy Martinez-Faye for $550,000 on Sept. 10 


  • 5302 S Catherine Ave: Juan Villasenor to Joseph Sambucaro and Sherri A Sambucaro for $327,000 on Sept. 11


  • 7097 Santa Fe Drive, #J: Adcon Exprss Inc to Konrad Stanecki for $91,000 on Sept. 9


  • 320 Claymoor, #3d: Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Jamila Foster for $153,000 on Sept. 10
  • 232 W Grant Village: Chandra R Littooy to Jo Ann E Rev Liv Shakon Trust for $380,000 on Sept. 11
  • 933 Cleveland Road: Gary W Cosby and Dru Ann Cosby to Donald C Davis and Linda A Davis for $1,830,000 on Sept. 12
  • 110 E 7th St: Douglas M Stoffer and Heather E Stoffer to Michael A Zielke and Sarah L Zielke for $875,000 on Sept. 10 


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Want to keep up on what's going on in Burr Ridge? 


Follow us on Twitter @Doings_Weekly, and our brand new Facebook page!


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