Mommy on a Shoestring: Superhero recipes for any occasion

Green Arrow fruit kabobs
Up, Up and Away Yogurt Parfait
Man of Steel Burger

Grab your capes! It’s time to celebrate our favorite superheroes with delicious recipes courtesy of Matthew Mead, author of “The Official DC Super Hero Cookbook.”

Green Arrow Fruit Kabobs

Count Vertigo and the Clock King have met their match with this cute dessert that’s full of healthy goodness.

You need:

Strawberries (washed)

Green grapes (washed)

Green apples (washed)


Melon (cantaloupe or honeydew)

Wooden skewers


Remove green leaves from strawberries and set aside.

Cut kiwi and apples into thin slices.

Use a sharp knife to cut melon pieces into “feathers.”

Carefully, place fruit on skewers so that each skewer resembles an arrow. Make sure the strawberries are at the tip of the arrows and the melon quivers are in the back. Bullseye!

Up, Up and Away Yogurt Parfait

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, this delicious breakfast is a super way to start the day. Clark Kent would approve.

You need:

6 oz. plain or vanilla yogurt

Red, yellow and blue food coloring gel (available in the baking aisle at most grocery stores)

1 Can sour cherries (in syrup)

Fresh raspberries

Parfait glass


Divide yogurt into 2 small bowls putting roughly 2/3 in one bowl and 1/3 in the other.

Add a drop of blue gel to the bowl with more yogurt. Blend until the yogurt is the color of Superman’s suit.

Add a drop of yellow gel into the other bowl of yogurt. Blend until it’s the color of Superman’s S-shield.

Plunk a spoonful of sour cherries and a few raspberries at the bottom of the parfait glass. Gently layer half of the blue yogurt on top of the red fruit, being careful not to mix layers.

Next, add another layer of cherries and raspberries. Then add the entire bowl of yellow yogurt, which will create a nice bright yellow stripe. Add another layer of raspberries and cherries and a final layer of blue yogurt. Top with some cherries and a raspberry or two.

Man of Steel Burgers

You don’t need a phone booth to transform ordinary hamburgers into super burgers.

You need:

Hamburger patties

Hamburger buns

Cheese slices


Plastic squeeze bottle with fine tip (available at most grocery stores in the cooking appliance aisle)


Prepare burgers as desired and place on buns.

Cut cheese slices into 5-sided S-shields.

Pour ketchup into a plastic squeeze bottle.

Use squeeze bottle to outline the border and draw an “S” on each shield.

Serve burgers with tomatoes, chips, fries… anything but Kryptonite.

Thank you to Matthew Mead and his publisher Downtown Bookworks for sharing these super-fun recipes. For more information about “The Official DC Super Hero Cookbook,” including where to buy it, visit

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