Photos: Today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day

<p>Sadie is stylish in her shades. &nbsp;| &nbsp;Monica Kucera/Wrapports News Service</p>
<p>Chicago resident Rachel Roth's pup Winnie is ready for the cold. &nbsp;| &nbsp;Courtesy of Chicago Spectrum</p>
<p>Yorkshire Terrier Annie warms up with a fuzzy hat. &nbsp;| &nbsp;Alex Kane Rudansky/Wrapports News Service</p>
<p>Pax is ready for the cold in his winter jacket. &nbsp;| &nbsp;Matthew Schwerha/Wrapports News Service</p>
<p>Buster is ready for St. Patrick's Day. &nbsp;| &nbsp;Monica Kucera/Wrapports News Service</p>
<p>Ryker, of Des Plaines, takes a break from playing with his Tigger doll while wearing a new Chicago Bears tee. &nbsp;| &nbsp;Heather Leszczewicz/Wrapports News Service</p>
<p>Wood Dale pup Gidget is warm in her seasonal sweater. &nbsp;| &nbsp;Cheryl Waity/Wrapports News Service</p>
<p>Zoey from Homer Glen is ready for the holidays. &nbsp;| &nbsp;Courtesy of Kellie Olson</p>
<p>Maltipoo Tiger is bundled up. &nbsp;| &nbsp;Courtesy of&nbsp;Paulina Ibraham</p>
<p>Gidget in her party clothes on New Year's Day. &nbsp;| &nbsp;Cheryl Waity/Wrapports News Service</p>
<p>Vanna Lee-Wege the Bunny is ready for Christmas. &nbsp;| &nbsp;Renee Lee/Wrapports News Service</p>
<p><span style="color: #222222; font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: small;">Winnie Colucci-Carrera is ready for the elements with her stylish coat. &nbsp;| &nbsp;Idalmy Carrera/Wrapports News Service</span></p>
<p>Meisha the maltese is wearing her favorite bow as she sports a preppy Christmas look. &nbsp;| &nbsp;Ali Trumbull/Wrapports News Service</p>
<p>Roscoe prepares for the holidays with reindeer antlers. &nbsp;| &nbsp;Tessa McLean/Wrapports News Service</p>
<p>Pups Precious and Whitty pose with toddler Jordan. &nbsp;| &nbsp;Courtesy of Samantha Peache</p>
<p>Cat Merlin shows his Chicago pride with a Bulls jersey. &nbsp;| &nbsp;Beau Artson/Wrapports News Service</p>
<p>Truffle the Puggle all dressed up. &nbsp;| &nbsp;Courtesy of Amy Hanson</p>
<p>Rosemont cat Pearl dressed as a mermaid. &nbsp;| &nbsp;Cheryl Waity/Wrapports News Service</p>
<p>Rosemont cat Trio is fancy in a head dress. &nbsp;| &nbsp;Cheryl Waity/Wrapports News Service</p>
<p>Pearl loves her antlers. &nbsp;| &nbsp;Cheryl Waity/Wrapports News Service&nbsp;</p>
<p>Trio is buzzing as a bee. &nbsp;| &nbsp;Cheryl Waity/Wrapports News Service</p>

Today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day! Animal behaviorist Colleen Paige founded National Dress Up Your Pet Day in 2009 to celebrate our furry friends and support the pet fashion community.

Send your fashion-forward pet photos to to be featured on the site.


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