WEEKAWAY: Fine wines at Wisconsin's Lake St. Cafe

photo courtesy Elkhart Lake Tourism
photo courtesy Elkhart Lake Tourism

There’s no better time to enjoy a gourmet meal than when you are taking a short weekend vacation in a charming town like Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. Though it is small, this town is big on food featuring local, fresh ingredients. The Lake Street Café, in addition to having some of the best food in town, features an impressive wine list that won the restaurant Wine Spectator’s prestigious Award of Excellence last year.

First course options and pairings

On the Lake Street Café’s appetizer menu, the seafood selections stand out. If you are searching for the perfect pairing for the tender halibut cheeks with sweet corn and bacon succotash, try a classic oak-aged California chardonnay. If you can’t resist pan-seared scallops with fried leeks and peppadew aioli, pair them with a crisp unoaked white wine such as a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

Main course options and pairings

Entrees at the Lake Street Café include hearty Midwestern steaks such as bone-in ribeyes and elk strip loin. Red meat dishes classically pair well with big, bold red wines such as California cabernets, French Bordeaux and Australian Shiraz. If you select a dish such as the chipotle braised pork cheeks, you may wish to drink a lighter red such as an Oregon pinot noir or even a chilled rosé.

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