What can you expect on your Sanibel Island vacation?

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The islands of Sanibel and Captiva capture the iconic ideal of vacation destinations with beautiful beaches, extraordinary scenery and entertainment for days on end. If you are planning a vacation with the island destination in mind, here is a look at what Sanibel and Captiva have in store for you.

Balmy warm weather

Temperatures on Sanibel Island average about 65 degrees in the winter and 82 degrees in the summer. Winter is the busiest season for the islands, as the weather provides the perfect escape for residents of areas with colder climates. There is also more rain in the summer season with the highest amount of rainfall seen in June and August.

Unique accommodations

You can combine luxury with the comforts of home in privately owned vacation rentals, which feature all the necessities you would need and optional daily maid service. Extras such as cribs, rollaway beds, child care, gift baskets and grocery service can also be added to your stay for an additional charge. Most condominium complexes offering rentals feature tennis courts and swimming pools.

Endless entertainment

Aside from lounging on the beach, you might enjoy guided boat tours, watersports, bird watching, biking, world class golf and great shopping. The local dining scene is rather extensive with more than 40 restaurants on the islands. Vacationers of all types from large families to couples seeking a romantic getaway can find plenty of activities to fill each day on the islands.

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