WEEKAWAY: What you need to know to plan a successful destination wedding

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A destination wedding can create a magical setting for your special day that creates the perfect segue into your honeymoon. While the planning may be more complicated for a destination wedding, you can create a much less stressful experience by getting started early and following these steps for a successful event.

Vacation homes can save you stress (and money)

Hotel arrangements for your wedding party can quickly get complicated, so you might book a vacation home instead. This way, you can keep your guests in one place, ensure that accommodations are comfortable, and save money on the booking.

Domestic destinations require less legal work

You might be tempted to go a foreign destination for your wedding, but this could create additional work as you apply for your marriage license. Choosing a domestic destination such as the islands of Sanibel and Captiva can streamline the paperwork for your marriage license, allowing you more time to focus on the event planning.

Guests benefit from detailed instructions

Once you arrive in your wedding destination, you may not want to be taking a chain of phone calls from relatives and wedding guests looking for their lodging or making last minute plans. If you create a wedding website, guests have a resource for directions, transportation tips and lodging information.

The islands of Sanibel and Captiva may offer the ideal tropical paradise for your wedding, and Royal Shell Vacations can help you organize the event from start to finish. To start exploring vacation rentals for your picturesque island wedding, visit Royal Shell online or call 800-656-9111.

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