How to stay safe in the sun at waterparks

Photo courtesy of Indiana's South Shore Convention & Visitors Bureau
Photo courtesy of Indiana's South Shore Convention & Visitors Bureau

Seven Peaks Waterpark and Deep River Waterpark both attract families from all over the Midwest to vacation along Indiana’s South Shore for the summer, and they offer thrilling fun fit for long, warm June and July days. Before you get carried away on the slides, you should get prepared for the heat and sunlight with these simple guidelines.

Pack extra sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential for a day outdoors, and it should be applied throughout the day to protect the skin from harsh burns. Because the wet environment of the waterpark will cause the sunscreen to wear off faster, you should reapply once every hour. 

Wear sunglasses

It may be a good idea to pick up inexpensive sunglasses for the whole family to wear at the waterpark. These will help to protect the eyes from the harsh sunlight, but will not break the budget if they are lost on a waterslide or in the wave pool.

Drink plenty of water

When you’re surrounded by water all day, you may forget to drink enough of it to stay fully hydrated in the sun. Planning water breaks between each ride and taking a long break to have lunch will help you prevent overheating on the warmest days outside. It is also best to avoid soda and other caffeinated beverages, as these can actually cause you to become even more dehydrated.

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